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Engineering components

Valves and Water Fittings

Valves and Water Fittings

Valves and Water Fittings

Valves and Water Fittings

Valves and Water Fittings

Auto parts

Auto parts

Our products are matched with Valves and Water Fittings, Pumps, Burner Cover and Stoves, Auto Parts, Engineering Components and other industries.

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is a leading integrated

solutions provider of high-

quality casting parts . With

the head office in Changzhou,

Jiangsu Province, China , we

also have a sales office in

Houston U.S.A.


solutions consolidate

About EFT


Our products are mainly exported to the United Kindom, Germany, Finland, Spain, Thailand, and other countries and regions.  


Mr. Qin Furu, the founder

of company , engaged in

foundry industry for 60

years , is an expert

consultant for China

Foundry Association .

The founder

of company

Started from 1993 , East Foundry Technology (EFT)

We offer supply chain management, rapid mould development, high-

precision casting and machining capacity,the integrity of related testing

equipments, and reduce the overall time and cost for the development

and production of components as well as the related logistics expenses.